Valeting & Winter Protection Services

Exterior Only Services


*Safe Wash £25

Cleaned using the 2 bucket method and 14 step process.


*Safe Wash+ £35

Cleaned using the safe wash method with additions of the wheel barrel and arches cleaned and dressed.


*Decontamination Wash £55

Consisting of the safe wash method with added elements such as 'tar & glue remover' and 'clay bar treatment' finished off with a layer of wax (additional protection packages available)


Interior Only Services


*Interior Deep Clean £55

This service is perfect for an interior that is need of that little bit more than a standard valet. We also clean and shampoo the leather or fabric seats and carpets to remove any stains and smells and ultimatly leave a fresh look and smell to your vehicle.


*Bacteria Sterilization £75

This service works best for those who suffer with allergies or want that just manufactured clean feel. This service is also ideal for those who are expecting or have had a new born baby who are very sensitive to bacteria.

All surfaces are steam cleaned using our 'stream and flat' methods and a final sterilization wipe down to produce 99.9% bacteria free surfaces.  


All Round Sevices


*Mini Valet £35

Exterior cleaned using the safe wash 14 step method, liquid wax coating and interior dust down and vacuum. This service is ideal for a daily driver who simply needs a clean vehicle.


*Full Valet £50

Our 'Full Valet' consists of everything from the 'Mini Valet' with extra services such as interior surfaces cleaned & protected, all glass polished & all tar spots removed from the exterior. 



*Hand Finished £70

Our 'Hand Finished' service is for those who would like to treat their vehicle to a little TLC. We decontaminate the exterior before we proceed to apply our hand polish so that we have a good foundation to start. The interior will receive a 'Full Valet' clean and protect.   



*Noble All Rounder £115

This service is the ultimate in vehicle valeting. We offer this service because we understand that people like us who are very particular about their vehicles presentation and protection. This service offers all of the above with added elements such as a full claybar treatment (paintwork and glass) and tar spot removal to give an ultra smooth feel to your vehicle thus removing bonded contaminates that simply a wash will never remove. This is then followed up with a hand polish and two layers of hand applied wax (protection upgrades available) and finally the engine bay cleaned, dressed and protected. A Great All Round Vehicle Service. Please allow 4-5 hrs for completion.

(please give us a call if you would like to discuss further about how this option would work for you)




Winter Protection Packages

Protecting you vehicle is vital in the winter months as the common road salting, harsh freezing temperatures

& acidic rain play a big part in the depreciation of your vehicle. @Nobledetail our winter protection packages use the correct products & techniques to clean & protect to keep you vehicle looking how you invisioned it would. We all want our vehicles looking clean and tidy all year round, this way you can have the cleanliness and the protection

no matter what the weather throws at us.







Winter Starter Wax Protection £35

Our winter starter is the cheapest of our service offering a good all round protection on exterior

surfaces and hydrophobic properties to keep the exterior repeling water & looking great while it does it.


  • 2 bucket method safe wash
  • Paintwork de-ironized
  • Final rise & hydrophobe applied
  • Dry using soft microfibre towel
  • Hand applied wax coating


Deluxe Winter Protection £65

Our Deluxe Winter Package offers a great winter protection for any car. Protecting all exterior

surfaces for a fresh, clean & protected vehicle.


  • 2 bucket safe wash
  • Paintwork de-ironized
  • Final rise & hydrophobe applied
  • Dry using soft microfibre towel
  • Hand applied Nano-skin coating
  • Glass sealant applied to all windows


Noble Winter Protection £105

Our Noble Winter Protection offers the full winter preperation stages to give a slick look

& protect as you would hope from the winter elements. This service will enhance the look of 

your vehicle and ultimate protection of the coachwork, wheels, glass & rubber seals.


  • Pre-wash citrus degreaser
  • 2 bucket method safe wash
  • Paintwork de-ironized
  • Tar spots removed
  • Final rise and hydrophobe applied
  • Dry using soft microfibre towel
  • Hand applied Nano-skin coating
  • Final wax coating
  • All glass coated
  • Wheel faces coated
  • Tires protected with 'classic finish'
  • Rubber seals protected 




Added Extras


*Claybar Treatment £20

*Extra Layer Of Wax £15

*Interior Detail £45

*Leather Clean & Feed £30

*Wheels Off Decon & Protection £25 per corner

*Pet Hair Removal from £15

*Biological Cleaning (vomit, blood & bodily fluids) from £20

*Odour Treatment £15

*Fabric Protection £10

*Headlight Restoration £45 per light

*Engine Bay Clean and Dress £20

*Engine Bay Deep Clean, and protected £45


All prices are based on a VW golf, Audi A3 or equivalent size vehicle. Prices may vary depending on size of vehicle. 





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