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Rolls Royce Sereph, Detailed For The Rolls Royce Enthusiast Club

This consisted of a single stage machine polish to remove swirl/wash marks and restore it to a glossy finish that really showed on the day. 


Porsche Carrera 4, Detailed for a private company.

This beauiful Porsche Carrera 4 received a two stage enrichment detail & spot correction which comes under our correction service. A full IPA wipe down was done & finished in a luxury show wax. The initial paintwork was in such a bad way that our correction work has added a significantly better price to this vehicle. 


Porsche Carrera 4S

Detailed for a customer on behalf of a private company from whom he bought it.

This Carrera 4S underwent a single stage Enhancement & heavy bird lime removal. After our test to see which would be the best and safest way forward we settled on our enhancement service, with numerous severe bird lime deposits we hand sanded and compounded to remove them, the customer was delighted with the results and has asked for our aftercare service package. 

Porsche Carrera S

This beautiful Atlas grey Carrera S underwent our single stage enhancement detail to rid the paintwork of swirls and minor scratches. This service ups the gloss levels tremendously and our customer was over the moon with the results. 


This pretty little VW golf underwent our full decontamination wash and carbon collective's 'Oracle coating. The decon wash is to ensure the paintwork was 100% clean and free from all oils and contaminates thus preparing to accept a good bond between the exterior surfaces and the ceramic coating.


Porsche Carrera S

We detailed this beautiful Carrera S for a private company. Consisting of a full decontamination wash & multiple wax layers for the exterior, an Interior stericlean with all leather seats & leather surfaces cleaned and treated to keep the leather supple & looking how it should.






AC Cobra

This beautiful replica had been owned for over 20 years by our client and before being put up for sale he asked us to detail this vehicle for him.

This particular commission received a full decon wash before we performed our 2 stage enrichment detail to remove swirls and deeper defects. Our work also entailed a full engine deep-clean and dress, all brightwork polished inside the engine bay and exterior brightwork recieving a hand finished touch, wheels polished and interior clean and detail with some minor leather seat scuffs to re-dye.

BMW 7 Series Sporting 20'' Alpina Wheels

Consisting of a two stage 'KochChemie' machine polish & Carbon Collective Ceramic coatings to protect the finish., Removing most of the defects with the first stage and a secondary step consisting of jewlers polish to refine the paintwork and final application of 'Carbon Collective's Oracle Ceramic' for a two year super hydraphobic coating.

BMW E60 5Series

The paintwork on this E60 was in a terrible condition with severe wash marks & random isolated scratches. We preped the whole painwork with a full heavy decontamination wash and managed to remove the defects permanantly using our two stage 'Kochchemie' detail, full IPA wipe down to remove any oils that would prevent our coating from bonding & finally the ceramic coating itself. Offering a 2 year super-hyrophobic coating that is resistant to chemical, UV, heat and abrasion.


The complete visual turn around of this now beautiful E60 was greated with a 'WOOW is that the same car...Cant ask better than that.  

Seat Leon Single Stage Machine polish & Wax Application

Consisting of a single stage machine polish to remove swirl/wash marks, dramatically improve gloss levels and a final wax coating to lock in the finish.





Nissan Navara, Single Stage Detail & Endurance Wax Application

Our single stage detail worked very well on this Navara removing the majority of the defects and a final endurace wax. 

'The pictures speak for themselves'  

Some of our other work

This is just a small selection of some work we performed on customers vehicles, some of which are repeat clients that take advantage of our aftercare services and regular maintenace packages for total peace of mind that their vehicles are professionally looked after. 

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