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We are Bolton's only PVD approved detailer & KubeBond certified applicator, this states that we are Skilled, Proven & Insured to undertake all aspects of professional car care inside and outside of your vehicles.  We offer bespoke solutions that can be tailored to your needs and enhance all aspects of your vehicles appearance through proven detailing and valeting solutions.


Our clients entrust us to deliver the best possible finish &

Terry goes above and beyond for his customers when it comes to presentation and the preservation of those vehicles in his care.


  We approach every vehicle with an open mind as each vehicle and sentimental values are different. We will guide you down the correct path that suits your needs. Be it long term preservation or short term cosmetics.


All vehicles are assessed individually to determine what the best course of action is to deliver what our customers require.


KubeBond Certified Applicator

Winter Protection


Winter is a crucial and vital time to protect your vehicle from common road salting, freezing temperatures, acidic rain & fallout. We have put together some packages that will help decrease the depreciation/aging process of you vehicle through these harsh winter months.


We all want our cars looking slick and clean during the winter & to ensure your car is protected is just peace of mind knowing that your covered.


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Headlight Restoration


Headlights are a small detail of a vehicle that can become less transparent over time due to the sun bleaching the plastic lenses and turning cloudy. This issue can accidentally be over-looked and in time result in an MOT failure. 


The headlights are an essential safety feature not to mention aesthetically pleasing visual part of a cars character so we need to keep them in optimal condition to help us see and be seen.


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